Organizational Development

Farming constitutes the livelihood of 90% of the Kenyan population and contributes to the national economy to a large extent. In a competitive, globalised context, progress in farmer income and welfare can only be achieved by improving the quantity and quality of products and by increasing the share of farmer in the value chain.

Production levels of the vast majority of Kenyan farm families are low and an increase of their share in revenue is only possible if they form strong and sustainable groups (horizontal cooperation). In addition, strong farmer groups are also a key precondition for the creation of new forms of cooperation along the value chains (vertical cooperation).

The purpose of this programme is to assist farmer groups to develop the capacities of their organization to provide services to their members effectively and sustainably. After the programme participants have learnt and understood:

•Formation of farmer groups
•Needs and situation analysis, planning and monitoring
•Record keeping
•Organisation, leadership and membership relations
•Effective group management
•Services offered by farmer groups
•Joint marketing of members’ products
•Lobbying and advocacy
•Action plan and evaluation

Small-scale farmers groups and any other small-scale producer group, extension officers (ToT), community mobilizers (ToT).

Standard Duration:
5 days

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