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Dairy Farming Proficiency

•    To demonstrate the ability to improve efficiency in production and effectiveness in management of small scale dairy farming.

•    To ensure appropriate selection and breeding of livestock to sustain the dairy enterprise.
•    To apply appropriate management practices to keep the dairy animals healthy.
•    To acquire appropriate skills for milking and milk handling during the milk production process.
•    To appreciate the importance of adding value to milk through milk processing.
•    To appreciate the benefits of co-operative societies in sustaining dairy enterprises.

This training programme is divided into 6 training modules. Each module forms its own chapter, and each chapter is made up of clearly defined sessions. Each training session follows a line of thought that is directly linked to the overall thought of the training module. Some modules have more sessions than others, depending on the volume of information addressed.

Module One provides information on dairy farming as a business.
Module Two presents details on selection and breeding of dairy stock.
Module Three highlights the requirements for maintaining good health of the dairy animals.
Module Four outlines the process for milking and milk handling.
Module Five explains milk-processing methods.
Module Six deals with the formation of dairy co-operative societies.

Smallholder dairy farmers, small-scale producer groups, extension officers (ToT)

Standard Duration:
The dairy farming proficiency training programme is composed of 6 training modules with a total of 38 sessions. Each session takes about an hour for facilitation, on average. 6-7 days are required to cover the entire training programme.

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