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Horticulture Farming Proficiency

To equip the smallholder horticulture farmer with the knowledge, skills and attitude to…
•    effectively motivate and promote a viable horticulture farming enterprise;
•    establish and manage a horticulture nursery;
•    efficiently and effectively increase productivity and quality of horticulture in the greenhouse;
•    effectively control pests, diseases and weeds;
•    improve crop nutrition through use of manure and organic fertilizers;
•    enhance harvesting and post-harvest activities;
•    participate in forming, joining and managing horticulture co-operatives and similar farmers’ bodies.

This training programme is divided into 7 training modules. Each module forms its own chapter, and each chapter is made up of clearly defined sessions. Each training session follows a line of thought that is directly linked to the overall thought of the training module. Some modules have more sessions than others, depending on the volume of information addressed.

Module One provides information on horticulture farming as a business.
Module Two presents details on how to establish and manage a horticulture nursery.
Module Three is about the technical skills and knowledge needed to establish and manage a greenhouse.
Module Four deals with the crop protection techniques.
Module Five is about crop nutrition management.
Module Six deals with harvesting and post-harvest activities.
Module seven highlights formation of co-operative societies.

Smallholder horticulture farmers, small-scale producer groups, extension officers (ToT)

Standard Duration:
The dairy farming proficiency training programme is composed of 7 training modules with a total of 48 sessions. A minimum of 7 days are required to cover the entire training programme.

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