The marketing course embarks upon the challenges of organizing, planning, producing, lobbying, tendering and contracting, transporting, storing, minimizing post-harvest losses and selling at a profit in order to ultimately get more money into farmers’ pockets.

Terminologies, concepts and general technical aspects of marketing are explained and trained in easy understandable modules. The programme illustrates the role of a producer (and other actors) in an existing value chain and describes potential costs involved in marketing.

Participants learn and understand how to examine what activities along the marketing chain they can realistically undertake in order to achieve profit and how to collaborate with other market players. This course builds on the learning objectives of our course Value Chain Development.

•    Introduction to marketing and market structures
•    Market Research and Market Information System
•    Pricing
•    Product (Post Harvest) Handling & Logistics
•    Development of market linkages
•    Product development
•    Development of a communication concept
•    Marketing planning

Small-scale farmers and their groups, extension officers (ToT), community mobilizers (ToT)

Standard Duration:
5 days

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