Training of Trainers

Kenya’s farmers are exposed to remarkable production and marketing changes induced by liberalized and privatized market systems. More than ever, farmers depend on reliable information, know-how and advanced skills in order to survive in a competitive agro-business environment. Training of farmers becomes therefore a key-activity for the development of the Kenya’s private agricultural sector.

From the perspective of trainers this means that the successful transmission of (always getting more complex) information and messages to farmers becomes a challenge of its own. Only trainers and facilitators who are equipped with necessary training skills and tools will be able to achieve appropriate training aims.

The ATC course TRAINING of TRAINERS (ToT) helps participating trainers to prepare demand driven and farmer centred training programmes. The course shows tools and methods of communication and facilitation in the context of rural/agricultural communities with low-level educational background.

•    Development of a training concept/cycle
•    Effective use of adult learning techniques.
•    Standardization of training presentation, evaluation and reports
•    Evaluation of the training progress

Standard Duration:
3-5 days

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