Gender Issues and Gender Mainstreaming

Rationale for Gender Mainstreaming:
ATC understands GENDER MAINSTREAMING as a concept which seeks to address the different unequal impacts of socio-economic development on men, women, boys and girls.
  • aims at the promotion of social justice by reducing gender inequalities.
  • describes the relationships between the genders and their role/power in decision making on ownership, access, control and management of resources,
  • aims at ensuring that gender inequalities are addressed at different levels of projects and programs development ,i.e.
  •               Design
  •               Planning
  •               Implementation
  •               Monitoring 
  •               and evaluation
  • Ensures that benefits outcomes are equitably shared by all the genders.

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  • Make the participants aware of the relevance of GM for their organisatioN
  • Enable the participants identify GM bottlenecks within their organisation.

The training course covers (but is not limited to) the following topics:

  • Definition of “Mainstreaming”
  • Awareness of participants for Gender Mainstreaming.
  • Identification of biological, epidemiological, cultural, religious and socio-economic issues that could hinder or facilitate gender mainstreaming.
  • Identification of the human rights issues for each gender
  • Areas and levels where GM should happen.

Members and managers of farmer organisations or small-scale entrepreneurs; Trainers.

Standard Duration:
Either as a 4-hour session during any of ATC’s courses or as complete stand-alone course of 2-5 days.


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