What We Do

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What We Do

ATC offers training products and consultancies for farmers, farmer-based co-operatives and other stakeholders.

In addition to offering pre-defined and ready-made training and consultancy solutions, ATC can also first analyze the specific needs of each co-operative society or group at the beginning of an assignment and then proposes possible training/consultancy solutions.
All ATC training packages can be carried out in-house (at the Co-operative University College of Kenya) or in the field, (wherever the client chooses).

Development of Manuals

ATC continuously develops up-to-date training courses, manuals and approaches suitable for empowering beneficiaries and their organizations’ members, leaders and employees to run profitable business enterprises.

Accommodation and Conference Facilities
The college has a retreat and conference centre with ultra modern 66 self contained rooms with TV’s and hot shower and modern style restaurant.
The conference facilities have 6 halls with a capacity of 15 to 100 pax as follows
1.    Lounge        200 pax
2.    Nordic hall     100 pax
3.    Seminar hall I     30 pax
4.    Seminar hall II     60 pax
5.    Academic hall    30 pax
6.    Board room    15 pax
The conference also has a lounge bar that offers refreshments in the evening after a long day.
During workshops the conference centre has other facilities like Projectors, laptops and flipchart stands etc.


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