Rural/Agricultural Communities and HIV/AIDS

This course is usually offered as an integrated half-day session of all of our courses. Depending on the needs of participants our trainers can choose among a variety of HIV/AIDS related topics and put them into relation with the main subjects of the main programme, e.g. FaaB, Marketing, Organisational Development, etc.

Content (not exhaustive):
  • Signs and Symptoms,
  • Causes, Transmission and Prevention, 
  • Myths and Misconceptions 
  • Challenges and needs of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Care and Support
  • Counselling Concepts
  • Community Care Providers
  • Mainstreaming Gender
  • Networking

Depends on the main course being implemented at the time.

Standard Duration:
3-4 hours

NB: If needed, ATC can offer a comprehensive 3 days HIV/AIDS course to all main target groups (farmers, entrepreneurs, Co-op members, government officers and trainers).

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