Products Specifically for Co-operatives

All training courses can be modified to suit the needs of extension services in form of Training of Trainers (ToT), or directly to the beneficiaries

Module Target Duration
1. Competency Tool Kit Staff of Co-operatives 2 days
2. Corporate Governance & Enterprise Development in the 21st Century Directors, Management Committee Members & Senior Managers in the public and private sector 3 days
3. Customer Relations & Service Management Managers, Supervisors 5 Days
4. Member Empowerment For Sustainable Co-operatives Members of Management Committees, Members of Cooperatives, Co-operative Delegates and individual Members 1 day
5. Operationalizing Long Term Business Strategy; Annual Work Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategic/Business Plans Planers, Operational Managers and Supervisors 5 days
6. Performance Rewards and Sanctions Management Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Managers, Human Resource Practitioners and Supervisors 2 days
7. Strategic Management Management Committee Members & Senior Managers (Heads of Departments and Sections) 2 days
8. Sustainable Decision Making Through Effective Meetings Board Members, Directors and Senior Managers 2 days
9. Financial Management in Cooperatives Financial Managers, Accountants 3 days
10. SACCO-specific Courses General Members,Delegates, Management and Supervisory committee, Society Employees 1-5 days Depending on target group